Opalescence® Boost
Izbjeljivanje u ordinaciji
Opalescence® Endo
"Walking Bleach" Tehnika izbjeljivanja
Opalescence® Quick PF 45%
Gel za izbjeljivanje u čekaonici


Discolorations can have many causes. If the stains have been caused by disease, injury or medical treatment and have migrated from the inside of the tooth into the dentin and enamel, you need special medical strategies to whiten such tooth or teeth – and special medical products. On the following pages, you will find products for the medical whitening treatments, with increased, highly intensive active ingredients. For instance, Opalescence Boost is a gel with 40% hydrogen peroxide. Nevertheless it is pH neutral, contains the PF formula which strengthens the teeth. It is chemically activated – so no light is needed. Opalescence Endo and Opalescence Quick are used for other special medical cases. All these materials are valuable in the hand of a dentist who can treat most patients discolorations, even difficult cases, in a minimally invasive way. Restorations, veneers or crowns are no longer required to treat dark teeth.