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Endo-Eze TiLOS® Mini Technique Kit


An economical entry to this system is the TiLOS Mini Technique Kit, which provides all necessary instruments and materials to start with.


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  • Detalji o proizvodu

    ​​Opis proizvoda i glavne karakteristike.

    Featuring stainless steel and NiTi files, Endo-Eze TiLOS is a hybrid system that is optimized for Ultradent's 30° reciprocating hand piece for safe, efficient, and predictable results.
    • Reciprocating motion minimizes the risk of file separation while efficiently cleaning and shaping
    • Combines the best attributes of Stainless Steel and NITi files at different parts of the root canal
    • Convenience and ease of use with innovative RediPacks

    Shaping Files - for cleaning of the middle third of the root canal - are made of stainless steel; with them, instrumentation can conform to the canal wall. Transitional Files - for the apical third - are made of nickel-titanium and therefore have optimal elasticity for this often heavily curved part of the root. Both are used with the same hand piece. For preparing the apex, there are NiTi apical hand files available. The TiLOS files are sold in pre-configured Patient Packs, Apical Finishing Packs, RediPacks, and refill packs. The TiLOS system optimizes a lot of details, so the learning curve for the dental office team is short and all components are easy to handle.


    Hand Files

    The stainless steel TiLOS Hand Files establish the glide path at the beginning of treatment; they also recapitule the working length during the instrumentation process. Because of their stiffness, penetrating even narrow canals is easy to manage. Available sizes: ISO 08, 10, 15, 20.


    The NiTi TiLOS Hand Files give the apex the final shape at the end of the instrumentation process. Because of their elasticity, they can follow even heavily curved canals. Available sizes: ISO 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 80.


    The special handles of all TiLOS Hand Files are made of brass covered by a soft resin. This makes the files extra comfortable, so the instruments can be gripped, held, and moved easily. The handle is also ideal for connecting the wire of an apex locator. All files are color-coded, bear their ISO number, and are available in four lengths.


    Shaping Files

    The TiLOS Shaping Files, made of stainless steel, are designed for instrumenting the middle part of the root canal and are moved by the reciprocating Endo-Eze Handpiece. Especially when this part of the canal is not round but oval in cross section, it is beneficial that these files give some resistance when moved side-by-side in the lumen of the canal - so also the lateral parts can be cleaned out without difficulty. Available in sizes: #1/.02, #2/.03, #3/.04, #4./06. All files are color-coded, bear their number, and are available in four lengths.


    TiLOS Transitional Files

    The TiLOS Transitional Files, made of nickel-titanium, work out the transition to the apical part of the tooth. They are also moved by the reciprocating Endo-Eze Handpiece. The apical part of the canal is often more curved, and thanks to the NiTi elasticity, Transitional Files can follow the canal characteristics smoothly.  Available sizes: #25/.06, #25/.04, #25/.02. All files are color-coded in red, bear their size number and taper bands, and are available in four lengths.


    All boxes are autoclavable. The instruments may be autoclaved in the boxes. On the cover of every box is a ruler to adjust the stopper on the instruments to the desired length. Each cover has a compartment, which stores some spare rubber stops.

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      TiLOS Mini Technique Kit

      TiLOS Mini Technique Kit

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