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When VALO® launched in 2009, it quickly gained recognition for its powerful broad-spectrum output, durable design, and ability to access any area of the mouth. Even in a market full of cordless devices, VALO's corded version made a significant impact on the industry.

In 2011 we introduced VALO Cordless, offering the same superior curing capabilities of the original VALO with the freedom of a cordless wand. VALO Cordless offers mobility without compromise. Weighing a mere two ounces more than the original VALO and with identical programming and power output, VALO Cordless operates on two lithium ion phosphate batteries that deliver the consistent high-energy power VALO requires. These batteries are also inexpensive, rechargable, and widely available.

Valo Story


In 2016, a new offering was added to the VALO curing light family: the VALO Grand light. The VALO Grand curing light has the same accessibility, durability, and power as the original VALO curing light and all the freedom of VALO Cordless light, plus the added benefit of a 50% bigger lens. The larger footprint that makes it even easier to cure a large surface area quickly and effectively. The VALO Grand light also features a second activation button on the underside of the unit for more intuitive operation.

Valo Story


Every VALO starts as a solid bar of tempered, high-grade, aerospace aluminum, which is CNC precision milled at Ultradent's facility in Utah, USA. True unibody construction ensures VALO's durability and provides unsurpassed heat dissipation. With its aluminum wand, machined components, and tempered glass lens, VALO is the most durable curing light available.

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Machined Valo  
Machined Valo


VALO's wand-style body and lens system eliminates the need for a light guide, allowing direct access to all areas of the mouth without overstretching a patient's TMJ and soft tissues—a common problem that can occur with other lights. The elegant, ergonomic, and streamlined design enables VALO to easily reach all curing sites, delivering energy directly without sacrificing patient comfort.

Competitor Accessibility

Competitor light guides require overstretching of the soft tissues and also result in energy loss to the curing site due to the unavoidable angle caused by the light guide.

Valo Accessibility

VALO's low-profile design accesses hard-to-reach spots, even in smaller mouths, delivering maximum energy perpendicular to the surface of the preperation.



VALO uses a custom, multiwavelength LED for producing a high-intesity light at 385 – 515 nm. This broad-spectrum light output means VALO is capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials—including those with camphorquinone and the entire range of proprietary photoinitiators. In addition, VALO's large 9.6mm footprint and optimally collimated beam delivers consistent, uniform power over a range of surfaces and working distances. Other curing lights' beams dissipate even at distances as short as 4mm, which results in significant energy loss to the curing site. The intensity and consistency of VALO's collimated beam, combined with the proprietary LED pack and broad-spectrum output, deliver the energy needed to completely polymerize any resin—even at distances as far as 10mm from the restoration site.

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Valo Beam


Competitor 1 Beam

Competitor 1

Competitor 2 Beam

Competitor 2

Inside Valo

VALO's high-tech circuitry produces three curing modes: Standard Power, High Power, and XtraPower. VALO is three lights in one!

Valo LEDs

VALO's custom LED pack emits three wavelengths, enabling VALO to activate camphorquinone and the entire range of proprietary photoinitiators.

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