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Consepsis® / Consepsis® V

Chlorhexidine Antibacterial Solutions
  • For disinfection of cavities and root canals
  • Long lasting and effective antimicrobial activity
  • Reduces risk of recurrent caries and post-op sensitivity
  • Increases bond strength with many dentin bonding agents
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  • Detalles del Producto

    Consepsis is a 2% chlorhexidine gluconate solution recommended for two purposes:

    1. As an antimicrobial for cavities and preparations.
    Minimize post-op pulpitis and sensitivity by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the preparation with Consepsis prior to sealing and restoring. Use prior to crown cementation, luting (provisional and/or permanent), and direct restorative placement. Disinfect with near-neutral Consepsis, which can also be used to passively control non-hyperemic bleeding. Also use Consepsis prior to DBA application to disinfect root surface with sensitive root treatment. Use Blue Mini Dento-Infusor or Black Mini Brush Tip.

    2. As a final endodontic rinse prior to canal obturation.
    Consepsis is recommended for procedural endodontic disinfection, as a final endodontic rinse prior to canal obturation. Consepsis should be used after smear layer removal for canal disinfection; sodium hypochlorite should be rinsed and removed prior to using Consepsis. NaviTip Sideport is ideal for this procedure.

    Consepsis is a liquid; Consepsis V, a more viscous formulation, stays in place, even in maxillary canals.
    Economical Delivery: Fill 1.2 ml syringes quickly and easily out of the 30 ml IndiSpense syringes. Use NaviTip 29 ga with Consepsis V.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not mix Consepsis and ChlorCid in the canal as a harmful precipitate will form.

  • Tipos de Kits

    ​​Seleccione el kit de Consepsis® / Consepsis® V que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades. Usted lo puede comprar a través de los Distribuidores Autorizados de Ultradent. Para solicitar información adicional sobre cualquier kit, haga clic en el botón "Contáctenos"

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