Ultradent Brazil Gives Back

Ultradent Brazil Celebrates Annual Humanitarian “Winter Campaign.”

Ultradent’s subsidiary in Brazil has recently finished its “Winter Campaign,” an internal humanitarian effort in which Ultradent employees raised more than 200 pieces of clothing for two local institutions: the Fala Meu Povo association, located in the city of Elias Fausto, and the San Francisco Home, located in Indaiatuba near São Paulo.

 The donation to the Fala Meu Povo association took place on August 21. Elizabeth Rocha, the vice president of Fala Meu Povo remarked, “This extent of kindness is very difficult to see today. Examples like this are rare, and give us hope that some companies, like Ultradent, are still aware of the community in which they operate. We, the association, have a lot to be grateful for, and we guarantee that this gesture has bettered many of the families’ lives in this community.”

 Every week, Fala Meu Povo hosts approximately 100 at-risk boys and girls—engaging them in projects such as craft workshops, sewing, painting, art, and sports like soccer.

The San Francisco Home, located in Indaiatuba, was founded in 1995. Today it continues to serve dozens of families at social risk. The unit houses 14 people at all times, treating patients with ailments ranging from AIDS to leprosy. They look forward to expanding; their clinic is currently under reconstruction. In addition to the in-patient care it provides, The San Francisco Home provides services to over 70 families at social risk through home care and food donations.


  The “Make a Child Happy” Campaign Collects Nearly 200 Toys

 Ultradent Brazil recently finished their “Make a Child Happy” campaign—a unified, company-wide effort to collect toys for underprivileged children in celebration of “Children’s Day” in Brazil on October 12th.

In total, Ultradent Brazil employees gathered 196 new and used toys to donate to the Ana Maria Pigatto daycare, located in Ultradent’s Brazil subsidiary city of Inaiatuba. The Ana Maria Pigatto home cares for approximately 187 children in distress and at social risk on a daily basis.

The institution is maintained primarily through charitable donations, with little help from government entities. The institution manager, Ana Carla Teixeira, in regards to Ultradent’s donation, said, “This donation came at a great time. We really wanted to celebrate Children’s Day here, but we did not have enough toys for everyone. Now we can, in addition to donating toys for children, keep many of these toys in our playroom that will be used for daily activities developed by teachers. We would like to thank Ultradent for this action, and say that you made the world of these boys and girls much better.”

The “Make a Child Happy” project consisted of a team led by Ultradent Brazil’s human resources analyst, Ana Luiza Quinteiro. This same team hopes to lead a successful Christmas campaign titled, “Help a Family Have a Special Supper,” which kicks off on November 28th and goes until December 18th, collecting food that will then be donated to families at social risk.

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