Travelling Through Our Gorgeous West

Dear Colleagues & Friends—

Following our fabulous trip to Brazil a few weeks ago, Leenie and I were off to Montana to lecture to dentists in Kalispell and the surrounding areas. Although I’d like to think she insisted on accompanying me simply because she had such a great time in Brazil, the real reason Leenie came along, I suspect, had a lot more to do with than just me. We have five of our lovely grandchildren living within just a few miles of Kalispell, complete with their parents, Lou and Sara. How could Leenie resist? So, for this lecture trip, it was more like Leenie inviting me to go with her!

Lecturing at lodge on WhiteFish Lake

Carol Jent, Ultradent’s clinical hygienist, joined me at the lovely lodge on Whitefish Lake, for the lecture series. Her down-to-earth message and demeanor really hit home with the Montana clinicians. Dana, in seminars, along with Glen and their kids (another of our four grandkids), drove up so she could orchestrate the logistics for the program. Arleena Fischer (but not “Fischer” for long!), our customer service representative for Northern Utah, and her husband-to-be, Sid, drove up to aid with education and sales, as did our “one and only,” Steve Gerber. Bruce Jessop, who is greatly loved by all of his dentists in Montana, and who drives greater distances than any of our other reps to call on his dentists, joined us as well. He is a champion! Lastly, my daughter, Danika, her husband, Dan, and their kids came too, making it not only a great lecture trip, but semi-family reunion. And yes, I count Carol, Steve, and Bruce as virtual family members!

Steve, showing the kids his famous magic tricks!

I always enjoy the small town, country docs. They live in the real world. The group that attended this lecture series was classy, gracious, and incredibly eager to learn.

On Saturday, after the lecture, we were able to enjoy some precious family time in the beautiful Montana landscape. On Sunday, we gathered together for a last minute breakfast then went on our respective ways!

Last minute breakfast with the family.

The following Friday, Carol and I flew to Denver for another lecture series in our gorgeous West. From Denver we travelled to Fort Collins, where we lectured to dentists from the surrounding area. Like the last, we very much enjoyed this group. They were there for all the right reasons. You see, Colorado does not require continuing education credits as a condition for dentists to maintain their license. These clinicians, dentists, assistants and hygienists were there because they wanted to be. They simply wanted to learn!

Lecture with Fort Collins area docs.

Adam Neely and Kelly Harkins, our customer service reps in Colorado, joined us for the lectures. It was obvious that they’re very loved by their dentists! For sure, they are professionals. Our regional manager for the intermountain areas, Steve Dutson, came along too. He has done some great things, and will surely continue to do more! Our lovely endo rep, Daniel Doutt, also assisted in the program, and proved to be a huge asset to the team throughout the weekend. It was really great to spend quality time with everyone, and I thank our team for their tremendous support!

Our fabulous Colorado and Regional team.

Following the weekend in Colorado, we returned just in time for the UItradent Summit, which proved to be a memorable and fabulous meeting. We also finished up the Ultradent food drive, raising 386,000 lbs. of food for the Utah Food Bank and for Typhoon Haiyan Victims. I am so proud to work with such generous, charitable people. Way cool! Until next time!



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