The year of EDELWEISS

Back from a trip to Indonesia, I am happy to share this testimonial from our distributor FONDACO.

A healthy beautiful smile is an invaluable asset that is attainable by anyone. No one should need to hide their faces behind their hands and be conscious of people’s stares. With that believe, we, Fondaco and Ultradent have decided to carry Edelweiss.

Edelweiss provides the clinician with a proper understanding of the internal structure of the natural tooth and basic optical properties, enabling one to develop unsurpassed esthetics using simple and controllable clinical procedures.”

To introduce this wonderful product to Indonesian dentists, we invited Prof. Dr. Didier DIETSCHI, D.M.D, PhD, Privat-Docent to give an overview of D(irect) to I(ndirect) Techniques and the Totally New Prefabricated Composite Veneer.

The event attracted over 200 dentists. It provided the attendees the opportunity to learn from a world-known master in esthetics and 50 of them had the chance to use Edelweiss with direct guidance from the master himself and with the assistance from Dr. Luc PORTALIER and Nicolas SONDAZ.

As a result, we sold way more Edelweiss Kit than we have ever anticipated. The event provided us with one of the largest sales in a single day but more importantly, many participants were inspired by Dr. DIETSCHI’s skills.

In the end, to quote Nicolas SONDAZ, “Sales are substantial but most importantly Ultradent’s message of Minimal Invasive dentistry has been carried forward in a big way.”

Georges JULIAS – Ultradent Line Manager – FONDACO INDONESIA

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Jeff Jenkins DDS
Great article! I truly believe that everything begins with someone smile.
Dr. Sunil Ilapogue, DDS
I completely agree with your first sentence "A healthy beautiful smile is an invaluable asset that is attainable by anyone." I think a smile tells everything about a person. Thank you sharing this story and about Edelweiss.
Michael Hopkins DDS
Your right nobody should ever hide behind their hands. That is why I love my job to make sure that when patients leave our office they are smiling because they are happy with their results.