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When it comes to temporization, today’s patient wants their temporaries to resemble the final restoration as closely as possible. In addition to a new standard of esthetic demands from the patient, it’s important for clinicians to find a temporary material that’s as easy to work with as possible, while providing the utmost strength, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. Why? This all comes into play when handling, trimming, and, when necessary, polishing the temporary material.

ExperTemp Case #1

Ultradent recently released ExperTemp, a temporary crown & bridge material. It’s always helpful to read online reviews before using a newly purchased product, so we thought it’d be useful to provide some reviews of ExperTemp so you can know about others’ experiences before taking it for a test run.

In regard to handling, reviewers found ExperTemp easy to work with when compared to other temporary materials. The material was easy to dispense into the impression matrix and mixed evenly through the mixing tip. Observers commented that ExperTemp sets up rather quickly, leaving some pleasantly surprised at its rapid intraoral setting time. This feature rated positively—and was considered beneficial—as long as the user anticipates that it could be ready for removal within as early as 40 seconds after placement in the mouth.

ExperTemp Case #2

On the topic of trimming, reviewers rated ExperTemp as above average, thanks to its composite-like strength characteristics. Users noted that the material won’t gum up in the bur, which allows for precision and control during shaping. One evaluator noted that it was the strongest provisional material they had worked with and commented that they don’t have to worry about their crowns breaking at any point.

Lastly, many of the evaluators and other ExperTemp users commented that the natural luster of unpolished ExperTemp eliminated the need for polishing. However, clinicians who did decide to polish the provisionals had incredibly positive feedback. Its highly esthetic, natural appearance made for a nearly seamless transition from the temporary to the final restoration.

ExperTemp Case #3

ExperTemp is a bis-acryl composite provisional material with a 10:1 self-cure chemistry. It features low oxygen inhibition at polymerization and fluoresces similarly to enamel. It can be repaired with a packable composite, flowable composite, or with additional ExperTemp material if needed. ExperTemp is available in A1, A2, A3.5, B1, and Bleach White shades for obtaining the closest match to surrounding dentition.

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Jeff Jenkins DDS
My concern as a dentist is to make sure that my patients are always happy when they leave my chair. So when I read this I was very happy to see actual pictures that went along with the article. Thank you!
Roger L Gillespie DDS
Thank you for the review on ExperTemp. I'm going to look further into this product. Thank you again for the review. Great photos too!