The 3 V's of PermaFlo DC

It’s hard to know where to begin when describing PermaFlo® DC, Ultradent’s highly filled, small-particle, dual-cured luting resin. Featuring the lowest film thickness known for any luting material (9µm), PermaFlo DC flows easily through a small-orifice tip, making luting simple and convenient, but it doesn’t end there. Let’s discuss the “Three V’s of PermaFlo DC.”


“I use PermaFlo DC from post to crown. It works every time, has great delivery, and consistently does its job,” say Dr. Linda Kronick of Norwich, CT, in regards to PermaFlo DC’s incredible versatility. Indeed, whether luting a crown, using it for post cementation, or for a core buildup, PermaFlo DC gets the job done, and it gets it done well.

However, PermaFlo DC’s versatility extends far beyond its status as a “go to” product used for a wide variety of dental procedures. Its compatibility with virtually any substrate takes its functionality to the next level.


In today’s market, value plays an important role in the buying process. Naturally, discerning clinicians seek out the highest-quality products at the lowest cost. For a dependable, proven, and high-quality luting resin, PermaFlo DC satisfies both demands—offering the clinician an overall value that is hard to ignore.

Very Strong

Yes, PermaFlo DC is very strong. Used with the Peak bonding system, with which it synergizes compatibly, PermaFlo DC stands as one of the strongest luting materials on the market. Whatever the procedure, PermaFlo DC has proven time and time again to both patient and clinician that failure is not an option.

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