Shoot for the moon!

As most of you know, the 40th anniversary of the first humans to land on the moon just passed.  The amount of shear brilliance, dedication, persistence, care, hard work and extensive dedication to detail required to complete this feat is simply remarkable.   Envision this – after John F Kennedy called out the intent of the nation to complete a mission to the moon, some 400,000 plus scientists, engineers, technicians, etc. with the same vision joined forces to fulfill his goal “before the decade is out”.  This means it only took 8-9 years total to organize the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, none of which existed at the time of his famous speech.

We’ve learned from other quality companies and experienced business gurus the importance of a “BHAG” or “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal”.  A BHAG reiterates the importance of setting goals which allow humans to stretch their limits.  For sure, the space program’s goal, initiated by John F Kennedy’s drive to put a “man on the moon” is the greatest BHAG of my life’s experience!  This resulted in amazing technologies which continue to impact us in very meaningful ways.

Ultradent has a “BHAG” – to bring a cure to caries and gum disease.  We strongly believe in this journey and goal.  In looking at the future, this is likely to bring value on multiple fronts some of which we can’t anticipate.  So, the anniversary for NASA/America’s great achievement is now forty years old.  Ultradent, too, just celebrated an anniversary of 30 years.  We’re going to have to exhibit the same sort of dedication that Dr. Kennedy inspired to meet our BHAG.  But, just as with the moon space program of the 60s, the journey may prove as valuable or more valuable than the goal.

So, Ultradent will shoot  for the moon!


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