Sharing Success in Bali

Last week-end Ultradent hosted a regional Distributor Meeting in Bali, Indonesia…

Quite a nice place to be for a meeting!

This was another stepping stone for the development of Ultradent in our region. One of the great ideas brought up by our genius European partners was a “Marketing Contest”. Each one of our distributors was invited to present his marketing creative artwork, with the opportunity to win a $1000$ check. What a remarkable group of people from around the world, sharing their project with so much passion! Customized T-shirts / catalogues / posters / new sample packaging / advertisements were just a few of the different materials presented.

Our Korean distributor “THEZONWORLD” achieved the breakthrough with an innovative marketing campaign to enlarge his product mix and increase the dentists coming to their booth. The most interesting thing to witness was the real motivation to “move forward”; many of our partners returned to their home country with great ideas to promote Ultradent differently and better!

This meeting wouldn’t have been a success without the involvement of our host Frank at THE MANSION; he truly made us feel like queens and kings: flower necklace on arrival, refreshing serviette, Balinese dancing, local delicacies….

Besides work, we also had some time to discover the Balinese lifestyle. Nowhere else does man live in such harmony with nature. After visiting other islands in Asia, I am struck by how well the Bali people and their culture, blend with the sculptured rice terraces. The ocean breeze, the rich smell of Jasmine flower, Buddha statues and massage was a perfect recipe for a relaxing time.

The theme was "Sharing Success in the Region" and I believe this goal was achieved thanks to all of you who prepared/participated/attended or lectured on that day.

Good stuff!

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