Product Development Task Force

At Ultradent, we see opportunity to enhance our reputation as progressive and trustworthy through new product development. In fact, we have recently created a task force of quality individuals from various disciplines to streamline the product development and release process. This task force is headed by a fabulous guy with a hybrid engineering/marketing personality. His passion is to create systems and processes that identify customer needs and develop products accordingly. Our new processes are customer focused and market driven; potential solutions are conceptualized in a team effort based on unmet customer needs that are identified by marketing. Then a cross-functional team comes together to conceive of potential solutions to address these customer needs. Our interdepartmental task force is committed to developing processes for thorough beta testing, evaluation, and fine tuning of new products prior to launch, ultimately ensuring that a new product meets specific needs of our customers. This system requires that everyone keeps a customer focus from even before a new product is conceptualized and throughout its journey through the development process. We are so lucky to have such caring, quality folks at Ultradent who can help us develop and launch products that will improve our customers’ ability to perform their jobs more successfully. I personally look forward to the release of some exciting new products developed through these customer-focused processes.

Category: Inside UPI