Lesson #5: Give to others who are less fortunate. It is only with an open hand that one has the ability to receive.

It is only with humility that one can talk about the lesson of giving back. During my career, I’ve encountered many clinicians who were willing to serve support missions abroad spreading the message that Ultradent is also passionate about – to improve the level of oral healthcare globally. There are amazing accounts of these individuals traveling at their own time and expense for the rare opportunity to help others. The Diversity Foundation, which Ultradent launched a few years back, has been instrumental for many of these type of activities. The word empowerment has a unique but important stance in the foundation’s mission. The act of “giving” empowers the receiver through access and the giver through mindful awareness. I hope we have the opportunity to continue giving back beyond the finale marker of my 60s.

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Shirl Zitting
Yup. Give and ye shall receive. .