Exploring Utah’s Great Outdoors with Cody Nielson

Where did you take October’s gorgeous calendar/cover photo?
I took it in Marysville, Utah, which is near Salina. My family has a cabin down there, so we go a lot. 

Marysville, Utah

Were you born and raised in Utah?
Yes! I was born and raised in Riverton, then attended and graduated from Utah State University in Logan.

Are you a big outdoors person?
I love to be outdoors. I loved doing outdoor activities with my family growing up, and now that I have my own family, I love to do those same things. For example, we love to get out in the mountains, but we also like to spend a lot of time boating during the summer. We also have, like I mentioned, continued the tradition of visiting our family cabin down in Marysville, Utah as often as possible. When we’re there, we love riding horses and four-wheelers. I was on a four-wheeler exploring the landscape when I snapped this picture! 

Left: Cody and his wife enjoy time in Utah’s outdoors
Right: Cody introduces his young son to his
love of horseback riding near their family’s
cabin in Marysville, Utah

Tell me about your family.
I have a wife and a 13-month-old boy, as well as a little girl on the way, due in March, so that’s exciting! 

Cody, his wife, and 13- month old son

What’s a fun fact about you?
I love the boating and recreational vehicle industry, so I can tell you any year/make/model/size of any truck, boat, four-wheeler or RV out there. It’s funny because any time we’re on a lake I often see people whose boats I’ve worked on and I’m able to call them out and greet them by name. It makes for a great friend network but I think it drives my parents and family nuts! 

Left: Cody spends many of his summer days boating
Right: Cody and his wife also love riding ATVs

What do you do here at Ultradent?
I’m a project coordinator in Product Development.

How long have you worked at Ultradent?
Almost three years.

What does your job here at Ultradent entail?
We take projects that come from Research and Development and take them through the process necessary to release them to the market. We make sure the products pass quality tests, get manufactured, get registered, etc.

What is your favorite thing about your job?
The people I work with. I love our team! I also love being able to meet and work with everyone in the company as we take a project from start to finish. The people here at Ultradent are just great and that’s what makes it so fun.

What’s your favorite product you’ve worked on?
I’ve loved working on the Enamelast varnish flavors. It’s been a challenge, but I love a challenge! 
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