Eastern Europe, TV Reporters & Associate Professorship

As some of you know, last week I did a lecture program through two countries of Eastern Europe with two lectures in Moldova (former Soviet Republic next to Romania) and one in Lithuania.  Our hard-working young mom and territorial manager for the region, Olga, accompanied me.  eastern_europeb1.jpg

Please note picture with Olga, Dr. Ivan Caracas (our distributor for Moldova), and myself on the steps of the large theater where the lecture occurred.   It actually was a very special event as it was a celebration of the 50th year of the dental school there (the only one in the country) and the 500th year celebration of the University.


With all the fanfare, the local television stations reported on the event.  I was interviewed by three of them.


I spoke the first day to a group of about 500 dentists, the second day to about 300 including students of the dental school.


Following the lecture, the dental school put on a program to celebrate the 50th birthday of the school.  I was surprised when they presented me with an honorary professorship from their school.  Hence I’m now an Associate Professor at the school in Moldova.  Fun stuff.

eastern_europeb5.jpgTraveling by plane some distance north to the Baltics, my third lecture was given to a large group of endodontists and general dentists highly interested in Endodontics.  Peter Åhren covers the three Baltic countries along with the Nordic countries.  Our fabulous lecturer for Endodontics, Dr. Renato Leonardo was on the program with me.  He always does a great job.  This generated significant interest in our endo system, including our new one which is close to launch – Tilos.

It is always great to return home.  But all in all, the program was very productive.

As special thanks to Olga, Chace, Dr. Renato, et al as well our distributors there who all did a great job to make these programs as successful as possible.

Thank you,

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