Last week, I flew to Atlanta for the 5th Annual Customer Feedback Week. I represented Ultradent in speaking about how we use and collect customer feedback. I always knew Ultradent focused on customer needs, but I didn’t realize the extent to which this is entrenched in the organization until I started putting together this presentation.

One of the more obvious ways we do this is through the Allegiance system, which allows customers to be anonymous while giving us feedback, if they choose. The cool part about it is that since it’s a third-party system, customers can enter their email address, but still maintain their anonymity since the address is masked to us at Ultradent. Then we can respond through the system and take care of the customers’ needs, without them having to reveal their identities. Such an improvement to the anonymous letter, which may bring up excellent points, but which can never be resolved to a customer’s satisfaction since we can’t contact them. Try it out. You can access it through clicking “Contact Us” on our Website or by clicking here. You are, of course, welcome to send compliments as well as complaints. ;)

Then there is our new product development task force, which Dr. Fischer explained so well in his blog a few weeks ago. Everything in product development is focused on making dental “jobs” more efficient, cost-effective, or higher quality. Now, PermaFlo Purple is a product that came out long before this task force was assembled, but I think it perfectly fits the spirit of the new process. Some of the members of Roots thought it would be great if there were a colored composite to indicate the pulpal floor in case of endodontic retreatment. That’s how PermaFlo Purple came about (and in return, we donate a portion of the sales to Roots).

Ah, the Ultradent Elite. They are always so open to sharing ideas with us and we always solicit ideas from them when they come to town. Did you know that it was because of their comments that Ultradent perforated the tray packaging for Opalescence Treswhite Supreme? Now patients can whiten one arch at a time without worrying that the other tray will dry out in the package. We are so lucky to have such inventive minds among our customers and even luckier that they are willing to share.

There were a lot more things I shared at Customer Feedback Week, such as Lynne’s presence on the Dentaltown boards (always so helpful), the customer surveys we send out occasionally (look for more in the future), and our branding research…but this post could get really long, really quickly.

Suffice it to say, I’m so proud to work for a company that cares so much about its customers and not just the bottom line. Do any of you have experiences with my co-workers that reflect this? I’d love for you to post them in reply to this message so we can all pat them on the backs!

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