Ultradent's Country Spotlight: Mexico

Over the next few weeks, we’d like to spotlight various countries in our International Family.

This week, Pablo Santiago, International Regional Manager for Ultradent Products, Inc. has provided some fun facts and information about our first country in the spotlight…


The estimated amount of dentists practicing in Mexico is around 75,000.

Ultradent products are distributed through VAMASA, which is owned by Luis Vazquez and Bernardo Suvalsky.

The top three Ultradent Products in Mexico are:

Pablo also shared this story:

“Dr. Fischer took a trip to Puebla a couple of years ago. Patty Estrada used to be Dr. Fischer’s dental assistant and also worked with UPI for many years. Patty is from Puebla, Mexico, and for a long time she wanted Dr. Fischer to lecture in her hometown. Finally the day arrived, and the funniest thing happened. While Dr. Fischer was lecturing in another city Patty called me, very, very sad, and said”Pablo can you believe? The restoration that Dr. Fischer made me many years ago just fell out.” I immediately told Dr. Fischer and we traveled 4 hours by car to Puebla. We got there around midnight and Dr. Fischer went to a dental clinic owned by a friend of Patty’s and he fixed her tooth so she could attend the lecture next day.”

Dr. Fischer at an Ultradent Stand in Mexico

Dr. Fischer and Ramon 2012

Dr. Fischer in Mexico 2008