A Day in the Life of a Podcaster

We had another great group of Ultradent Elite offices in town last week. Dr. James Jesse and Dr. John Flucke were both there to lecture and we were lucky enough to snag them for some podcasts…video this time!

What total professionals! Both were so gracious and accommodating. We were a little late getting started with the recordings because of a meeting conflict, so Dr. Jesse hung out in R&D and Dr. Flucke “talked shop” with some engineers who were doing some durability testing on an upcoming product (but you’ll just have to guess what it was…my lips are sealed). Also, if we ever do an outtake reel, you’ll see Dr. Flucke having to do multiple takes because a moth kept flying in front of his face. In the end, though, these two doctors produced some excellent episodes for our podcast. You'll love hearing them talk about endo, composites, and light curing technology.  Stay tuned; as soon as Keith (our awesome A.V. guy) gets them edited, we’ll push them out to you…likely with CE credit available.

On the down side, I really wanted to record an audio podcast with two of our conference attendees – Drs. Schuck and Flack from Minnesota — but we didn’t finish the video podcasts until too late and I missed them. I was really excited about it because they were going to share some tips about serving patients whose insurance you don't accept. Maybe we can catch them over the phone sometime.

Are any of you passionate enough about a dental-related subject to record a podcast with us? Post your ideas in a reply to this post and we'll hook up!

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