The Masterpiece Guide: Top-Tier Restorations with the Uveneer Extra Template System

The Uveneer template system is the dentistry equivalent of tracing paper. It guides clinicians through the "dark" toward consistent, predictable, symmetrical direct composite veneers, mock-ups, temporaries, and more. The Uveneer Extra template system supplements the Uveneer templates family, giving clinicians the ability to provide a more natural contoured anatomy to their composite restorations.

Heart of Ultradent – Brightening Smiles for Our Neighbors

Plastered throughout Ultradent HQ is the mission statement laid out by Founder & CEO Dr. Dan Fisher – “Improve Oral Health Globally.” UPI is proud of its Utah heritage and we believe achieving this mission starts with efforts in our backyard. In the fall of 2019 we partnered with Smart Smiles (along with many others) to help brighten the back to school season for Salt Lake City area kids.

A Solidified Legacy: The History of VALO Dental Curing Lights

Even though they've come far, Neil Jessop says that Ultradent, along with his research and development team, aren't resting on their laurels. "There are a lot of smart people in this industry, so we try to maintain a certain level of vigilance in always looking for ways to improve and offer the best technologies out there." …