Talking to Your Patients About UV Light Versus Opalescence Boost Chemical Whitening

The first and most important thing to help your patients understand is that the evidence from more than a dozen independent clinical trials shows that tooth whitening using lights or lasers will not improve whitening effect compared to quality whitening systems that don't require expensive additional equipment that add no value and simply increase the time and complexity of the treatment, and that this is a marketing tactic.

Opalescence My Smile Is Powerful - The Truth About Tooth Whitening

Everyone’s smile is powerful. A smile can break down barriers, cut through tension, make a stranger feel welcome, and lift a friend’s day. The problem is that many people are too self-conscious to show their unique smile to the world, and Opalescence whitening is on a mission to change that. Whether someone has coffee- or wine-stained teeth, teeth that are a little crooked, or a smile flanked by dimples large or small, everyone has a reason to celebrate their uniqueness. Something that often helps those who are self-conscious about their smile is tooth whitening. However, concerns and questions abound about this hot topic: Will whitening damage my teeth? Exactly how white can I get my teeth? How long will the whitening last? Is the chemical used in tooth whitening toxic? Can I whiten my teeth while I have braces?

How I Used Opalescence Whitening Systems to Build my Practice

Dr. Morgan’s reputation of creating beautiful, white smiles for her patients has only served to expand her reach She even gets Miss Utah America and Miss Utah USA contestants and winners ready for their state and national pageants by whitening and perfecting their smiles before they go in front of the judges.