How To Choose A Quality Composite

The range of durability in composite brands available on the market varies widely. That is why dentists should exercise extreme scrutiny and do their research when it comes to choosing a quality composite. Learning what is important to choose a quality composite will benefit every dentist.

Developing Ultradent's VALO Curing Light

VALO really carved out a space for us in the curing light industry that had not been served and I'm so proud of our entire team for their hard work and innovation and the great lengths they went to make sure that quality went into every single painstaking detail. Our VALO curing light is amazing on every front, and that speaks volumes to everyone who went the distance to get it right.

World Renowned Dental Researcher, Dr. Richard Price Talks Curing Lights: How to Choose One, How to Use Them, and How a Curing Light Can Make or Break Your Practice

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Richard B. Price to discuss curing lights. For those not familiar with Dr. Price and his work, he’s widely considered the dental industry’s premier expert on curing lights and research surrounding dental light curing. In fact, he’s been cited in more than 3,000 peer-reviewed, published research articles in over 140 publications throughout his career, and he shows no sign of slowing down. His innate curiosity for studying the reasons behind common issues that dentists in every field face unexpectedly led him to his chosen field of study. He now finds great satisfaction in mentoring and conducting research with the upcoming generation of dental students, dentists, and dental researchers at Tufts University School of Dentistry and at various dental schools in Canada, Brazil, and Europe.