5 Questions with Dr. Fischer

Five Questions with Dr. Fischer: Volume VII

Dental hygienists are an extremely important part of any dental practice.... The education and training they give patients about oral hygiene and keeping their teeth healthy between appointments cannot be understated.

5 Questions with Dr. Fischer, Opalescence® Whitening Edition

The phrase “my smile is powerful” relates back to the things I’ve been saying in my lectures for years. The smile—the lips and the teeth—are the #1 body language communicator. In fact, statistics show that when people first meet, 50% of people look at the other person’s eyes first, and the other 50% look at and notice the smile and teeth first. A thousand words can be communicated in an instant with a smile. It’s a fabulous communicator! It radiates the inner feeling and soul of the other person, and it enables them to communicate beyond what words can or it accentuates words in an instant. It is so powerful.

Five Questions with Dr. Fischer Volume VI

Oh, summers in Utah are grand, although my wife, Leenie, loves the snow and winter. I always say though, there’s nothing nicer than a summer night in the Rockies! The balmy air and cool breeze and the smell of the mountain air wafting into the valley…there’s nothing like it. It’s really hard to beat. Hopefully the dinner in the orchard of our home during the event will give our attendees a hint of that serenity.

Five Questions with Dr. Fischer Volume V

I bought my own books and a lot of my own instruments. We didn’t have anyone in the family earning money but myself. I grew up in construction, so I had my toolbox and power saw. I did remodeling work and had a job with the University’s facilities department.

Five Questions with Dr. Fischer Volume IV

I often say that dentistry is the consummate people profession.  I know of no other profession that enables the year-to-year development of human connections and gives us the opportunity to create a virtual extended family with those humans we call patients. That connection can even build over multiple generations. 

Five Questions with Dr. Fischer Part III

You know, I’m just a farmboy at heart. I’m not too complicated and pretty much what you see is what I am. But some people out there might not know that I love to garden, I love carpentry, and I love tractors and my backhoe. I love being outdoors feeling the earth beneath my hands and feet and the sunshine on my face.