September 2016

Andrea Bailey September 2016 Calendar Spotlight

Andrea Bailey might be a Utah native, but that doesn’t mean she takes Utah’s incredible geography for granted. In fact, Andrea, who is Ultradent’s global brand manager over composites and crown and bridge materials, says that the state’s outdoor offerings—including its unmatched mountains, red rock formations, and lakes—are what keep her in the beehive state.

From the desk of Dr. Fischer: Taking our VALO® Curing Light to Grander Heights

I have to say, I'm very excited with the recent release of the newest member of our VALO family—the VALO Grand curing light. In fact, we've been chomping at the bit to be able to get this fantastic new light out to our customers because it raises the bar. With a 50% larger curing head than the original VALO curing light, the VALO Grand light has a footprint large enough to cure an MOD on a molar in one curing cycle!

Opalescence® Playlist

​Alas—the final days of summer are upon us, but that doesn't mean that the fun, the happiness, the memory-making, and the smiles have to stop. If you find yourself feeling a twinge of the end-of-summer blues, we're here to give you a little boost.

My Opalescence® Story – Anna Lozier

Anna Lozier’s life can get pretty hectic, just like the rest of us. As a full-time medical assistant and a full-time nursing student, along with being a single mom to a teenager and college student, she has had a hard time getting regular dental check-ups over the years…