ExpertempTM: Polishing Optional!


The attitude towards temporaries has come a long way since their introduction to the dental industry many years ago. In fact, some dentists say that they used to purposely place less-than-esthetic temporaries on their patients to make sure that the patient would come back for the final restoration! Thank goodness times have changed. With a strong emphasis on esthetic, beautiful smiles, today’s patients want their temporaries to resemble the final result as closely as possible—fitting in seamlessly with the rest of the teeth in both color and luster, until the final restoration is placed. But do the esthetic temporaries that patients now demand create more work for the dentist? Not necessarily.

When Ultradent researched ExperTemp, they did it with both the patient’s demands and the doctor’s effort and time constraints in mind, creating a temporary crown and bridge material that eliminates the need for polishing. Since its introduction to the market, users have consistently commented on the product’s natural luster and ability to blend beautifully with the rest of the patient’s dentition immediately after placement, with no polishing required.

See the example below. The patient’s anterior temporary (#8) has been trimmed and seated by the clinician, with no polishing. Notice the smooth, natural surface of the temporary and how it blends beautifully with the rest of the patient’s dentition with very little effort.


However, ExperTemp also polishes beautifully, if desired. To take esthetics to the next level, simply polish the temporary and follow with a coat of PermaSeal® for a stunning result, seen below on the same anterior (#8) temporary. Its natural appearance makes for a nearly seamless transition from the temporary to the final restoration.


ExperTemp is a bis-acryl composite provisional material with a 10:1 self-cured chemistry. It features low oxygen inhibition at polymerization and fluoresces similarly to enamel. It can be repaired with a packable composite, flowable composite, or with additional ExperTemp material if needed. ExperTemp is available in A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, and Bleach White shades for obtaining the closest match to surrounding dentition. Read “ExperTemp: The Reviews Are In” to learn more regarding ExperTemp’s other features and benefits, and read what clinicians are saying about how ExperTemp stands up to the competition.

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