July 2018

5 Questions with Dr. Fischer, Opalescence® Whitening Edition

The phrase “my smile is powerful” relates back to the things I’ve been saying in my lectures for years. The smile—the lips and the teeth—are the #1 body language communicator. In fact, statistics show that when people first meet, 50% of people look at the other person’s eyes first, and the other 50% look at and notice the smile and teeth first. A thousand words can be communicated in an instant with a smile. It’s a fabulous communicator! It radiates the inner feeling and soul of the other person, and it enables them to communicate beyond what words can or it accentuates words in an instant. It is so powerful.

Five Reasons to Attend the Ultradent Summit

Because acquiring CE is a requirement for so many dentists, Ultradent firmly believes that the CE experience should be truly enlightening, innovative, intimate, and fun. With these standards in mind, Ultradent created a signature event that occurs twice per year and takes place right at Ultradent headquarters. There are many things that make Ultradent Summits unique, but we have picked our top five reasons you should attend an Ultradent Summit. They also happen to be the reasons so many doctors return to the Summit year after year. We hope you’ll become a familiar face too.

Opalescence My Smile Is Powerful - The Truth About Tooth Whitening

Everyone’s smile is powerful. A smile can break down barriers, cut through tension, make a stranger feel welcome, and lift a friend’s day. The problem is that many people are too self-conscious to show their unique smile to the world, and Opalescence whitening is on a mission to change that. Whether someone has coffee- or wine-stained teeth, teeth that are a little crooked, or a smile flanked by dimples large or small, everyone has a reason to celebrate their uniqueness. Something that often helps those who are self-conscious about their smile is tooth whitening. However, concerns and questions abound about this hot topic: Will whitening damage my teeth? Exactly how white can I get my teeth? How long will the whitening last? Is the chemical used in tooth whitening toxic? Can I whiten my teeth while I have braces?

From the Desk of Dr. Fischer: Reflecting on and Appreciating Freedom

One of the most important things that being an American gives me is freedom. Having grown up in, then subsequently left the FLDS society, which was very oppressive and ultra-conservative, freedom is a big deal to me. However, I have a strong belief that freedom must be balanced with responsibility. The more in-balance they are, the more they work together for the good.