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​Improving Oral Health Globally

We are driven to improve oral health globally through science, creativity, and education

Our passion to improve oral health has made Ultradent into the incredible company it is today. Ultradent is a global dental and orthodontic manufacturing company that has experienced non-stop growth for over 30 years, and is driven for continued growth! We have vertically integrated disciplines of chemistry, engineering, automation, robotics, marketing, and more. Ultradent’s products are used worldwide by dentists, orthodontists, group practices, dental labs, government agencies, and universities.

About Dr. Dan Fischer

​As a young dentist, Dr. Fischer realized that rapid, profound hemostasis was imperative for quality operative dentistry. Because there were no products on the market that predictably controlled bleeding and sulcular fluid, he developed one. Considered one of Ultradent’s flagship products, Astringedent®, and later ViscoStat®, resulted from Dr. Fischer’s insight, determination, and willingness to work after hours—using his own blood to test his efforts—to produce exactly what he felt the market needed.

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A Strong Code of Ethics and Core Values

Ultradent believes in the customer. That is why all our product development, marketing, and sales are done with the customer’s benefit in mind. This outlook has fostered strong and loyal relationships with customers all over the world.

The solid foundation of core values and a clear vision to improve oral health globally has made Ultradent a world leader in both customer experience and products. Here at Ultradent we are driven by a strong moral code and our Core Values: integrity, quality, hard work, innovation, and care.

Integrity, Quality, Hard ​Work, Innovation, Care

These Are Ultradent’s Core Values

Golden Hands Award of Xcellence

In April 2015, Ultradent was selected out of more than 3,000 other companies to receive the Golden Hands Award of Xcellence for Ethics and Truth in Advertising. Nominees were selected based on criteria that includes ethical conduct, placement of public health before profits, dependable products, knowledgeable personnel, and excellent customer service. The nominees were then voted on by thousands of practicing dentists across the nation.

In 2016, Ultradent was selected to receive the Golden Hands Award for a second time due to the company’s ongoing commitment to ethical practices and dependable products.

"We're so honored to have received this recognition. Additionally, it must be said that the true honor for this award goes to the men and women at Ultradent who work tirelessly every day to uphold the values upon which Ultradent hangs its hat: integrity, care, quality, innovation, and lastly, hard w​​ork. They embody these values in the way they contribute to our vision every day, regardless of their personal job description or the continent on which they serve."
–Dr. Dan Fischer, ​CEO