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Amelogen® Plus

Composite Restorative Material

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Product Details

Amelogen Plus is a radiopaque, Bis-GMA restorative material that is 76% filled by weight with a 0.7µm average particle size. It displays exceptional handling, optical, and polishing characteristics. Amelogen Plus will not stick to instruments or slump, providing extra control in handling.

  • Simple, affordable system
  • 16 shade options
  • Excellent, non-slumping consistency
  • Brilliant polishing capability​


2019 Reality Four Star Award

Indications for Use

Amelogen Plus

The Amelogen plus is a tooth shade resin composite material (Bis-GMA based) to be used for posterior and anterior tooth restoration.


Amelogen® Plus

Beautiful, Natural-Looking Anterior Restorations


Strong Enough for Posterior Restorations

Posterior composite is bonded, reinforcing both tooth and restoration, delivering high wear resistance and quality esthetics.

Technical Details

Exceptional Handling

​Sculptable and simple to use, Amelogen Plus moves well under pressure without slumping. And it won't stick to your instruments, providing you the best in handling and control.

Makes Layering Simple

​Simple and intuitive, Amelogen Plus's shade system allows you to achieve beautiful and natural-looking restorations without the complications of most esthetic composite systems.

Replicates Natural Tooth Colour

​With 16 high-quality shades, Amelogen Plus makes it easy to create natural-looking, esthetic restorations.


Direct Composite Layering Technique

  1. 1

    ​For enamel-only restorations (Class III) or small posterior restorations (Classes I and V), use a single Amelogen Plus shade, usually enamel.

  2. 2

    ​For the most common cases of both dentin and enamel restorations in intermediate-size Class II, III, and IV cavities, use both a dentin and an enamel shade. Make sure that the composite enamel layer is thinner than the natural enamel layer.

  3. 3

    For major enamel and dentin replacements or esthetically challenging restorations, use multiple dentin shades (darkest at the lowest point) and characterize with translucent shades if needed.

Esthetic Restorations

  1. 1

    ​Large Class IV preparation. A silicon mold was made using the old restoration to assist in the reconstruction of the palatal anatomy.

  2. 2

    ​Once the palatal enamel wall is in place and polymerized, place the inner opaque dentin layers. In this case, an A4 layer was placed cervically and superimposed by an A3 layer. An Ultrapak® cord soaked with ViscoStat® was used in the sulcus to prevent contamination from the sulcular fluid.

  3. 3

    ​Dentin layer (A2) is placed and the mamelon anatomy is built. The incisal translucent enamel layer will be placed in between the mamelons.

  4. 4

    ​At the final stage of the tooth reconstruction, the same enamel shade used in the palatal wall is used to cover the entire buccal face of the restoration. In this case, Enamel Neutral (EN) was used.

  5. 5

    ​Final aspect of the restoration in the mouth, after being polished and sealed with PermaSeal®.


  • ​I am pleased with Amelogen's ease of placement, its adaptability to tooth color, and its predictabiltiy to last as a posterior restoration.
    Dr. Mark H. Webb – Bristol, TN
  • ​“I used to stock 20+ colors of resin; since I have used Amelogen Plus (over 10 years) I am amazed at how beautiful the restorations are when I simply use a dentin shade and a little incisal shade!!  I also find I can sculpt the restorations nicely so there is little to no shaping/adjustment.”

    Dr. Robin Henderson – Clarkston, WA


  • What kind of filler is found in Amelogen Plus?

    ​Silica dioxide and silicates.

  • What type of monomer does Amelogen Plus contain?

    ​Amelogen Plus is BisGMA-based.