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UltraSeal XT® plus

Hydrophobic Pit and Fissure Sealant

Return Policy All goods returned (unless faulty) in their original sealed packaging and are in a re-saleable condition within 15 days for Gunz and 30 days for Henry Schein will be eligible for refund. Goods purchased from Dentavision shall be returned for credit within 21 days. See full details

Product Details

UltraSeal XT plus is a light-cured, radiopaque, fluoride-releasing composite sealant. It is stronger and more wear resistant because it is a 58%-filled resin and has less polymerization shrinkage than competitive products. The spiral brush action of the Inspiral® Brush tip causes shear thinning of the filled, thixotropic UltraSeal XT plus, reducing its viscosity as it is placed. The resin firms when shear thinning ceases and placement is complete, preventing it from running before it can be light cured. Using PrimaDry® with UltraSeal XT plus enhances UltraSeal XT plus’s penetration into pits and fissures1 by eliminating moisture that can cause failure.

  • High retention rate2
  • Direct delivery into difficult-to-access areas 
  • Bubble-free, drip-free placement 
  • Effective at preventing microleakage 
  • Penetrates deepest pits and fissures 
  • Four shades: Opaque White, Clear, A1, A2

Read Dr. Fischer's letter on BPA.


Indications for Use

UltraSeal XT plus

​Use UltraSeal XT plus for prophylactic sealing of pits and fissures. It may also be used for microrestorative or as an “initial layer” of composite restorations.


UltraSeal XT® plus

Before and After UltraSeal XT plus

Before placing UltraSeal XT plus.
After placing UltraSeal XT plus.
Deep, pre-carious grooves/early lesions.
A quality seal—a tremendous service to patients of all ages.

Technical Details

BPA Free

Ultradent has always been aware of the risk associated with BPA and has never used it in our dental sealants. We used a third-party laboratory to test UltraSeal XT plus and they confirmed that it has a 0.00000% rate of BPA.

Read Dr. Fischer's letter on BPA.

Revolutionary Delivery

The easiest and most efficient way to ensure UltraSeal XT plus is delivered deep into pits and fissures is to use the Inspiral Brush tip. The unique helical channel of the tip thins the viscous material, and the fine brush fibers help guide the resin directly where you want it to go.

The Leader for Nearly 15 Years

Since 1998, Reality has favorably reviewed UltraSeal XT plus, calling it “simply the best”3 among its countless competitors!

Optimal Viscosity

UltraSeal XT plus flows easily into the tiniest pits and fissures, but doesn’t run after placement.

Fluoride Releasing

UltraSeal XT plus releases fluoride to the tooth to promote healthy enamel.


UltraSeal XT plus Step by Step

  1. 1

    Etch with Ultra-Etch® for 20 seconds; rinse. Shown with Inspiral Brush tip but can also be used with Blue Micro® tip.
  2. 2

    Air dry and apply PrimaDry®. (Shown with Black Micro® FX® tip.)
  3. 3

    Apply UltraSeal XT plus.
  4. 4

    Light cure with VALO®.


  • ​"A pediatric dentist can't get any more minimally invasive than preventing the problem to begin with...and I have never found a sealant material with an outcome that even rivals UltraSeal XT plus. It's simply the best."
    Dr. Thomas M. Musson – North Wilkesboro, NC
  • ​"Being a pediatric dentist, this is one material I cannot practice without. I have never found such a user-friendly sealant that is so easy to apply and with such excellent retention as UltraSeal XT plus."
    Dr. David Goldstein – Orlando, FL
  • ​"I love the UltraSeal XT plus sealant. I have used many different sealant products in my office as well as in the dental school in which I am faculty. Actually, all the pediatric dental instructors had tried eight different sealants to compare, and UltraSeal XT plus was unanimously the sealant of choice. The viscosity, multiple shades, partially filled consistency, and the fact it is fluoride releasing make UltraSeal XT plus the most reliable and superior sealant that I choose to use on my patients."
    Dr. Angela M. Stout – Erdenheim, PA
  • ​"As a pediatric dentist for 38 years, prevention of cavities is the cornerstone of our practice. We have tried all the sealant products, and UltraSeal XT plus has been the absolute best for ease of application and long-term retention and durability. The best testimony is having moms who were our patients bring their kids to use the sealants. Many of the moms still have sealants in place and have no cavities."
    Dr. James Heffner – Davidsonville, MD


  • Is UltraSeal XT plus different from other tooth sealants?

    Yes! UltraSeal XT plus has been the leader in sealants since 1998. It has an excellent retention rate and has always been BPA FREE.
  • Does UltraSeal XT plus contain BPA?

    No. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a potentially harmful chemical used in some plastic materials including bottles, cans, home electronics, and even tooth sealants. However, Ultradent has always been aware of the risk associated with BPA and has never used it in UltraSeal XT plus or UltraSeal XT® hydro. We've even hired a third-party laboratory to test our sealants, and they confirmed they have a 0.00000% rate of BPA.
  • Can UltraSeal XT plus Opaque White shade be used as an opaquer?

    We don’t recommend UltraSeal XT plus be used as an opaquer. Instead, use PermaFlo® dentin opaquer for this purpose.
  • What is UltraSeal’s diameter of filler in micrometers, weight percentage, and density?

    The average particle size is 1.5 microns, the sealant is 58% filled by weight, and is 1.73g/ml.
  • Can UltraSeal XT plus be used to splint two teeth together?

    When performing periodontal splinting, it is wise to consider a reinforced restoration such as Ribbond or GlasSpan in conjunction with the restorative material. When either of these products is used, UltraSeal XT plus can be used as the restorative material. Flow characteristics may be addressed with a more viscous material such as PermaFlo, which is a 68%-filled resin.
  • Is it true that Sealants for Smiles uses UltraSeal XT plus?

    Yes. Sealants for Smiles is a nonprofit organization that provides oral health education and tooth sealants to children in lower-income schools. Nonprofit organizations are subject to more stringent standards on the type and quality of materials used in their programs. One of the reasons Sealants for Smiles opted to use UltraSeal XT plus was because of its long-standing reputation in the dental field.
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