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Endo-Eze MTAFlow White

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Repair Cement

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Product Details

Get the same safe delivery of MTAFlow cement with your desired consistency, but now in a nonstaining formula. MTAFlow White repair cement is designed to mix quickly, smoothly, and easily for a variety of procedures. Plus, it can be delivered using Ultradent’s syringes and tips, ensuring precise placement for effective treatment.

  • Developed as an option for procedures in the esthetic zone of the tooth
  • Nonstaining formula
  • Has bioactive properties to promote healing
  • Mixes into a smooth consistency due to the ultrafine-grained powder and proprietary gel medium
  • Resists washout
  • Sets quickly
  • Has an adaptable mixing ratio based on procedure
  • Thin consistency can be precisely delivered into the canal with a 29 ga NaviTip for apexification and apical plug


Endo-Eze MTAFlow White

Effective Perforation Repair

Perforation located in the cervical third of the mesial buccal canal.
MTA in place showing repair.

Technical Details

Bioactive Material

​Studies have shown that MTA cement is a bioactive material that promotes healing. MTA cement releases calcium hydroxide when it sets. When calcium hydroxide reacts with tissue fluids, a layer of calcium phosphate forms. This layer is recognized by the body as hydroxyapatite, which induces a healing reaction.1

Smooth, Adaptable Consistency

​MTAFlow mixes easily and has a smooth consistency due to the ultrafine-grained powder and proprietary gel medium. The mixing ratio of the powder and gel components of MTAFlow is adaptable based on the procedure, ranging from a putty consistency to a consistency so flowable that it can be delivered via a 29 ga NaviTip tip.

Precise Delivery

​MTAFlow was designed to be delivered using Ultradent tips. The thick consistency can be delivered easily with a 22 ga Black Micro tip, and the thin consistency can be delivered via a 29 ga NaviTip tip, ensuring controlled delivery anywhere in the canal.

Essential Components for Multiple Applications

​The MTAFlow Kit comes with the essential tools you’ll need to mix and deliver the cement. The kit contains enough MTA powder and gel to complete 8–10 applications. It also includes a measuring spoon, mixing pad, and the tools you’ll need for precise delivery—10 Skini syringes, 10 Luer Lock caps, and 20 Black Micro Tips.


  • How is MTAFlow different than other mineral trioxide aggregate repair cements?

    ​MTAFlow is designed to quickly and easily mix into a smooth consistency. This is because of the ultrafine-grained powder and gel mixing medium. MTAFlow is also the only mineral trioxide aggregate repair cement that was specifically designed to be used with Ultradent tips, including the 29 ga NaviTip tip.

  • Can I use syringes and tips to deliver MTAFlow?

    ​MTAFlow is designed to be used with the Skini syringe and the 22 ga Black Micro tip or the 29 ga NaviTip tip.

  • What is the setting and cure time for MTAFlow?

    ​MTAFlow cement can be used for up to 15 minutes after it has been mixed and placed inside the Skini syringe.

    Five minutes after you have applied MTAFlow, you can rinse and air dry the area without dislodging the cement.

  • What is the radiopacity agent that is used in MTAFlow White repair cement which makes it nonstaining?

    MTAFlow White repair cement uses Tantalum Oxide as the radiopacity agent.

    The MTAFlow White repair cement does not contribute to staining.

  • What procedures do we recommend MTAFlow White repair cement to be used in?

    It can be used in all indicated procedures. It will be particularly useful for Primary Dentition Vital Pulpotomy and Pulp capping.